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Marriage Ministry

Our vision for North Village Church this year is to lead our church family to place Jesus at the center of our lives so that we are experiencing all that He has to offer. One of the tools to help us move in that direction is a resource called Prepare and Enrich. It is designed to come alongside dating, engaged, and married couples who are wanting to experience the glorious gift of marriage to its fullest expression.

At North Village Church we have three married couples (Over 50 years of marriage experience) who have been trained and equipped to walk couples through this tool. Please take a few minutes to watch the video, and read up on this opportunity. When you are ready you can let us know by filling out this Interest Survey and we will start a dialogue with you about what it will look like to benefit from this opportunity.

1) Why should you assess your relationship with the #1 relationship tool? (Click HERE)

2) What is Prepare and Enrich? (Click HERE)