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About our Children's Ministry:

Children’s Ministry Vision: for each child at North Village to develop, grow, and deepen in a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ.

How do we do this? 3 steps

Develop- (Babies-4yo) We first teach kids to know who God is by reading His word, using interactive lessons and teaching God’s characters. A love for God develops during this phase because the kids begin to realize God is love and He loves them.

Grow- (Kinder-2nd grade) Once a love is developed for God, NV kids begin to live for Him. Teaching kids how to apply God’s principles in their daily lives, regularly reading His Word and interacting in their community showing God’s character is how we grow in Christ. North Village now begins to rely on parents at this stage to assist the kids at home & school to display a life living after God.

Deepen- (3rd-5th grades) When we start to live for Him, we can start to teach Him to others. A huge step for these kids is beginning to see themselves as active members in the body of Christ. Kid classes now focus on learning to hold each other accountable through small groups, as well as, building deeper spiritual relationships with leaders and examining areas where kids can see themselves as a significant member in God’s kingdom. Teaching their peers what a life of Christ looks like by service deepens our kid's relationship with Jesus.

When you know God, you love God.

When you love God, you start to live for God.

When you start to live for God, you can teach others about God.

Our Volunteers:

All volunteers have been screened, interviewed, and trained. Investing in the next generation by working in the Kids' Village and Youth Village is a great opportunity to serve. If you would like to help, contact the children's director.


Ages and Curriculum:

Infants & Toddlers (0-2 yrs)
Pre-K (3-5 yrs) *
Kinder-2nd Grade **
3rd-5th Grade **
6th - 12th Grade ***

*Our Pre-K lessons are based on a curriculum called "GOSPEL LIGHT". It is a great mix of gospel-centered content and creative activities to provide a rich experience each week for your child.

** Our Elementary curriculum is all done in-house and is based off the sermon series North Village teaches each Sunday. It is important that as a church we remain consistent in our teaching. This way everyone is learning the same thing at the same time; from kids to youth, to adults, to small groups.

***Please click on the youth ministry page to learn more.