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Who is Jesus?

The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus is the most paramount event in human history, and it changes everything about life. Throughout Jesus' life, He made radical claims, and perhaps one of the most outrageous is that He came to bring forgiveness.

Some of us might wonder why we need forgiveness. What did we do wrong? Who did we offend? Genesis 1 teaches that we were created to live eternally with God, without pain, but instead of embracing this relationship with God, we rejected it and we rejected God. This is called sin. Sin, essentially, is any word, thought, or deed that doesn't line up with the holiness of God. Even if we don't believe in the concept of "sin," we feel the effects of sin every day, and it is exhausting.

  • God created us to find provision in Him, but today we often live in fear. We decide God is dead, uninvolved, or uncaring, and we feel the weight of the burden of providing for ourselves.
  • God created us to find protection in Him, while today we worry about our health, finances, and security.
  • God created us to find position in Him, yet we look to fashion, finances, appearances, and social standing, all of which are constantly changing.

God created us to live in relationship with Him, but sin destroyed our relationship with Him. This is why we need forgiveness. This is why God entered into human history and took the pain and death upon Himself at the cross: to forgive us so we can live with Him for eternity and without pain.

Who is this God?

His name is Jesus. He didn’t come to be a good teacher, good person, or a good prophet, but He came to do what no one else could do. He lived a perfect life and willingly laid down His life on the cross so that we may be forgiven.

How do we experience this forgiveness?

We simply need to believe that when Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead, that He died and rose for each of us. He experienced the death and pain that we deserved. And we can either trust that Jesus experienced it, or we will experience that death and pain for eternity.

What changes?

We no longer live for ourselves, separated from God, but we begin to live out the relationship He intended for us at the very beginning. It doesn’t start when we get to heaven. It starts now!

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