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Divine Sex Series

Let's talk about (Divine) Sex! Nearly everything and everyone is sexualized in every direction these days, but God has a clear direction for us as creations he created sex FOR! It's not about do's and don'ts and can's and cannot's. In this series we hope to better understand God’s design for sex and the difference this makes in our lives today.

We are surrounded by sexuality, and we were made by the God of Scripture to be sexual beings, but because of our sin we see a distorted view of sexuality. Our culture today does us no favors here! We will explore what scripture says about sexuality as God originally designed it with emphasis on current realities that affect us like: our past, our current relationships, our future relationships, and how in the world we approach such a hot topic in our families.

  • April 28:  A New Vision
  • May 5:  Honoring Marriage
  • May 12:  Singleness and Dating
  • May 19:  Avoiding Affairs
  • May 26:  Sexual Wounds
  • June 2:  Purity and Pornography