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Romans 1:8-17, "People"

Romans 1:8, “8 First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, because your faith is being proclaimed throughout the whole world.”

In Romans 1:8-17 we see characteristics of what it means to walk in biblical community, and it is important to remember that biblical community doesn't just appear magically over night.  There are steps we can take today, by grace through faith in Jesus, and over time we can and will experience deep biblical community.

  • Verse 8:  Gratitude:  Might the Spirit swell in us a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity to experience deep biblical community through Sunday morning, groups, and serving the city together.
  • Verse 9:  Prayer:  Might the Spirit fill us with such gratitude that it moves us to pray for one another. 
  • Verse 10:  Tangibly Involved:  Might the Spirit fill us with such gratitude and prayer that we begin to actually consider how we might personally be the answer to those prayers in the lives of other people. 
  • Verses 11-12:  Established:  Might the Spirit fill us with such gratitude and prayer that we are both being established in our faith in Jesus Christ is Lord.  The Apostle Paul intended their relationship together to be mutually encouraging as they "both" are encouraged in their faith.
  • Verses 13-15:  Fruit:  Might the Spirit fill us with such gratitude and prayer that we become more established in the Lord and bear fruit. 
  • Verses 16-17:  Gospel!

Let us not read about biblical community in Romans 1:8-17 and walk away thinking, "We need to work harder at pursuing biblical community."  That isn't the gospel!  There isn't hope in that message!  That conclusion will only lead us to work righteousness.

But, if we receive Christ as Lord of our lives then we are confident that we are already resting in biblical community with Him, and with that truth in mind we can step out in faith to pursue what is ours in Christ!