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Worship Location: Pillow Elementary School




Preparing your Heart for Sunday Worship

I was raised in a church that did a great job of teaching me that daily time with Jesus, a "quiet time" as some may call it, was vitally important for spiritual growth — and that's so true! But you know how it is — sometimes you feel like reading scripture and praying, and sometimes you don’t.

Not too long ago, I realized that reading scripture and praying daily was something that I bought into on a Monday through Saturday basis. Sundays were seen as a "break" day to me. No one ever told me to do that, but I just thought it was okay to skip my personal time in scripture and prayer on Sundays because I was going to church that day.

Somewhere in adulthood, I came across Galatians Chapters 3 & 5 and realized my rationale was not okay. Those passages of scripture remind us that each day and each moment we don’t engage Jesus on a personal level, are moments that we lose to the desires of the flesh. We need Jesus all the time!!! Even on a Sunday morning when we're about to go to church.

In more recent years, as I've been meeting with the Lord on Sunday mornings, He has given me a deep love for that time. I tailor my time with Jesus on a Sunday morning by somewhat focusing on my upcoming church experience. This typically comes through my prayer time. Overall, I pray for my heart to be engaged by the Holy Spirit and for my heart to engage the body of Christ at North Village Church. 

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Here are some other more specific things I try to pray through on a Sunday morning: 
Pray for my own Heart:
  • to be open to what God has to teach me today.
  • for the Holy Spirit to reveal sin and care for me through it.
  • to be encouraged by the truth from scripture that I will hear.
Pray for my Time at Home as we're all getting ready:
  • I pray for little or no fighting and a peaceful morning.
  • I pray (again) for my heart! That I’ll be kind, patient and slow to anger even if everything goes haywire!!
Pray for our Church Body:
  • for our worship team and their hearts to be in a place to lead us into worshiping Jesus.
  • for everyone getting there early to set-up chairs, tables, technical equipment and all the extra logistics they have to worry about.
  • for their hearts to work hard for Jesus and then change from working into receiving what the Lord has that morning for them.
  • I pray for everyone who could possibly come to our church that morning. I pray they wake up and desire Jesus. I pray against Satan trying to stop them from coming to fellowship with a body of believers.
Pray for our Pastors:
  • I pray for the teaching of God’s Word. That the Holy Spirit will fill our pastor and come upon him with His power — the same power that raised Jesus from the dead — we need that power to transform lives on Sunday morning.
  • I pray the utterances of our pastor's words will be all Jesus. All the Holy Spirit. 
  • I pray our pastor is anointed the with the truth as the Holy Spirit leads us all into the truth (John 16:13).
  • I pray for salvation; that as our pastor speaks, people will be cut to the heart and see their need for Jesus and be saved just like in Acts 2.

Will you pray these things with me on Sunday mornings? Pray expecting Jesus to do great amazing things in your heart and in the heart of your church body this Sunday morning!!!