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Romans 1:8-17, "People"

The Apostle Paul teaches us the gospel begins with power, "Jesus Christ is Lord." But, the gospel is intended to be lived out with people. ...

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Romans 1:1, "Bond-Servant"

What does it mean to be a "bond-servant of Christ Jesus?"...

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State of the Church: 2018

As a church family we rotate through 3 yearly focuses that lead us toward our vision as a church family: Connecting with Jesus / Connecting with the City / Connecting with One Another....

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Private Property In Israel

Private Property In IsraelOne of the major themes in the Bible is God’s redemption of the nation of Israel. God made a promise of land to the sons of Abraham, but generations later his descendants were enslaved in Egypt. From Exodus to Joshua, you see the activity of God to bring them out of that slavery and into a new land that He had promised them long ago. On Mount...

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What about hell? Part 1

Probably the biggest part of the conversation about hell and judgment is, “How can the God of Scripture be loving if there is judgment?”...

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Can we all find our own truth?

How do you decide what is true? Can we all determine our own truth? ...

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Why is there so much pain and evil in the world?

Why is there so much pain and evil in the world?...

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Is Jesus the Only Way? Part 1

How do we examines the different messages in our world today? What about Jesus? Is Jesus just one of many ways to consider, or is Jesus God in the flesh?...

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Is Jesus the Only Way? Part 2

Is Jesus the only way? Is Jesus just one of many ways? Both questions are questions about beliefs, and at the core level all beliefs are exclusive, therefore, lets examine the type of fruit these beliefs produce. ...

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God’s Wisdom Found In Israel’s Usury Laws: Part 2

The first thing to realize is that charging interest increases the money supply. We know the Greek’s understood this because their word for interest, tokos, means birth or offspring. They equated charging interest with multiplication like breeding animals or planting for harvest. For example, if I borrow $100 to buy something, and I have to pay back $110, that means th...

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