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Worthy of Worship

What does it look like to bring our lives under the rule and authority of Jesus?...

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What About Money?

In Luke 9 and 10 we see Jesus describing what it is to be His new people, reconciled to the Father, indwelled with the Spirit to love their enemies, love their neighbors, take up their cross daily, and in Luke 12 it is as if Jesus is slowing it down so as to say, “We need to talk about money.”...

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What About Our Friends?

The Parable of the Good Samaritan is to begin a relationship with God through faith in Jesus, and the Parable of the Good Samaritan also teaches us what it looks like to be new people in Jesus growing in our compassion for others....

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His Glory

Historically, did you know in the 1800’s pastors in the local church in Western Europe, and the United States began to say, “We don’t really need to listen to Jesus.” The thought was that Europe and the U.S. was growing in education, which is true, and pastors thought educated people would never believe in the glorious parts of Jesus, so they literally just remo...

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His Cost, "Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me."

What does it means to be a Christian? Is the life made available in Jesus just beneficial in heaven one day? ...

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His Community, "Blessed are the poor, hungry, weeping and insulted."

What does it look like to become new people in Jesus?...

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Good News of Great Joy

The life of Jesus begins with humility....

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Discovering Your Yearly Wisdom

Wisdom isn’t really learning information and reciting information like on a test, but wisdom is drawing out the skills to navigate life well. Wisdom is to be skillful at honoring God in such a way that it produces a beautiful life. I know that is a little abstract, so lets jump into Proverbs 3 to draw out what that looks like practically to live out wisdom....

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Discovering A Plan For Celebration Stewardship

How does Jesus want us to steward 2019? This life is not our own. We have been purchased for a price (1 Corinthians 6) through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection our life belongs to Him, therefore, how can we honor God with our lives in 201...

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Discovering A Plan For Relational Stewardship

The Apostle Paul teaches the Galatians to restore one another in a spirit of gentleness, and as a result we are to have those kinds of relationships with one another. ...

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