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Yearly Rhythms: Celebration Planning.

We get busy in life. We are trying to grow stronger in our careers. Some of us are learning how to strengthen our marriages. Some of us are learning how to raise children. Then, you add in going to the doctor, going to the dentist, grocery shopping, washing clothes, trying to eat healthy, going to the gym, repairing things that are always breaking, and pretty soon we st...

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Yearly Rhythms: Relational Planning

Previously we talked about the importance of getting ready financially, and now we are talking about getting ready for relationships in 2020. Did you know you need to get ready for relationships? I am not just talking about romantic relationships, but parenting relationships, roommates, marriage, siblings, children, co-workers, and our relationships in our church family...

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Yearly Rhythms: Financial Planning

We are kicking off a 4-week series called, “Discovering Your Yearly Rhythms” and this is a great series to invite a friend, because this series is all about getting ready for 2020. That’s why we want to invite our friends to this series. We want to take the whole month of January to "sharpen our axe." This morning we will talk about it financially. Next Sunday...

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Luke 2:22-40, "Light to the Nations."

Have you noticed how Christmas is a bit paradoxical? At the surface the celebration of Christmas is sweet, twinkling lights, warm, and inviting. There are parties. There are gifts. There are songs. There are moments of celebration. But, if you look below the surface of Christmas there is real tension in Christmas. There is an uncomfortable part of Christmas, and you don...

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Luke 2:1-7, "The Birth of Jesus is Reliable and Relatable."

We are going to look at Luke 2 to see the reason for celebrating Christmas is more than a tradition, it is more than friends and family getting together, it’s more than an obligation, and it is because Christmas is most important event in all of humanity....

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The Essence of Life: Proverbs 26:18-19, "Lasting Biblical Friendships."

I don’t know about you, but I have found that ever since Middle School, friendship is complicated. In Elementary school everyone was friends, everyone played Red Rover, Red Rover Let Michael Come Over, but then in Middle School groups started to form, romantic relationships started to occur, and friendships have been complicated. The good news is that the God of Scrip...

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The Essence of Life: Proverbs 15:25, "The Lord is concerned for the vulnerable."

Proverbs 15:25, “25 The Lord will tear down the house of the proud, but He will establish the boundary of the widow.”...

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The Essence of Life: Proverbs 11:22, "Stirring Up Character."

How do we become men, women, and children who are growing in character? Not cartoon characters, but men, women, and children who are reliable, trustworthy, compassionate, and able to skillfully carry themselves in all circumstances. Don’t you want to be a church family full of character?...

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The Essence of Life: Proverbs 4:1-2, "Stirring up wisdom."

Lets talk about stirring up wisdom in our church family. Don’t you want to be church family stirring up wisdom in our relationships with one another? Stirring up wisdom is the ability to live a skillful life. It is wisdom that gives us the ability to make good decisions. It is wisdom that enables us to look at a situation and see truth. It is wisdom that equips us ...

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The Work of Jesus

The Essence of Work has taught us the God of Scripture created work, the God of Scripture created work to be good, and yes, sometimes work can be grim, but that’s okay because our hope is that Jesus IS the greatest master we could ever imagine....

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