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Luke 2:1-7, "The Birth of Jesus is Reliable and Relatable."

We are going to look at Luke 2 to see the reason for celebrating Christmas is more than a tradition, it is more than friends and family getting together, it’s more than an obligation, and it is because Christmas is most important event in all of humanity....

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What is the Vision of North Village Church? (Colossians 1:13-20)

We are going to talk about the vision of our church family, and the dream of what we are trying to accomplish as a church family....

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Revelation 19:1-10

In Revelation 18 evil is destroyed, and in Revelation 19 Jesus returns to establish His rule for eternity. Therefore, how does the reality of this celebration change how we live our lives today?...

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Romans 3:27-31, "Boasting?"

How could we boast in the gospel? How can we boast in ourselves today? How could we look down on those who don't have Jesus, or those who haven't read certain books, or express compassion in specific ways? It is all Jesus!...

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Romans 3:1-20, "None Are Righteous."

Is our sin really that big of a deal? Yes, it is much worse than we could have ever imagined....

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Romans 1:1, "Bond-Servant"

What does it mean to be a "bond-servant of Christ Jesus?"...

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Why is there so much pain and evil in the world?

Why is there so much pain and evil in the world?...

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Is Jesus the Only Way? Part 1

How do we examines the different messages in our world today? What about Jesus? Is Jesus just one of many ways to consider, or is Jesus God in the flesh?...

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Is Jesus the Only Way? Part 2

Is Jesus the only way? Is Jesus just one of many ways? Both questions are questions about beliefs, and at the core level all beliefs are exclusive, therefore, lets examine the type of fruit these beliefs produce. ...

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What do we do with guilt and shame?

What do we do when we believe in Jesus, but we still see so many layers of guilt and shame in our lives?...

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